About Us

To us, a candle is more than just a candle.

It’s a symbol of life energy...the light at the end of a long tunnel...a spark of genius...the hope and memories we wish to keep with us.

A beautiful fragrance engages all the senses and can positively influence mood, creativity, focus, energy, and stress levels

Renegade Rituals Co. began as a candle company launched in 2020 during one of the darkest times in recent history, as the weight of a worldwide pandemic, economic crises, tyrannical government policies, social injustices, and mental health struggles weigh heavy on our hearts.

But yet without the darkness, we could not appreciate the light. And so we’re excited and honored to bring you these little vessels of light, and hope that by extension, you will be inspired to share more of your light with a world that so desperately needs it right now.

We have created candles for non-conformists like you, who refuse to give up or give in. Who aren’t afraid to stand up for what is good and true, Who bravely shine for all to see. We see you, and we salute you.

Our uncommon scents are designed to celebrate the beauty of a diverse and eclectic world. Our all-natural, eco-friendly, and locally-sourced ingredients represent our desire to maintain the health and wellness of that world.

Thank you for your support and patronage of our mission!

#StayLit my friends.



Amanda Russo

Founder/Fragrance Mixologist

Renegade Rituals Co.