What types of ingredients do you use in your candles?

Our candles are made from all-natural soy wax, or all-natural soy/coconut wax blends that are sourced locally. 100% of the soybeans used to manufacture the wax are grown by U.S. farmers.

The candle wicks are either natural cotton wicks that are lead-free and zinc-free, OR eco-friendly, clean-burning wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted in the USA.

Fragrance oils blends consist of high-quality fragrance and essential oils that are 100% phthalate-free and exclude any cancer-causing ingredients that require a Prop 65 warning in California. The oils also do not contain any other known carcinogens, mutagens, organ or reproductive toxins, or respiratory health hazards.

Additives: we do not include any synthetic wax stabilizers. Some of our candles do contain candle dye in the form of either 1) wax dye flakes, which are made in the USA and are vegan, cruelty-free, animal-friendly, irritant and stain-free, and safe for the skin; or 2) all-natural mica powder that is organic, vegan, non-toxic, and skin-safe with no fillers or impurities.  We occasionally add stones and dried flowers/herbs to decorate our candles, and these items are all sourced from within the USA and are heat-safe and non-toxic. 

When can I expect my items to ship? 

Your items will be shipped via USPS within three business days of order placement. Please note: due to Covid-19, shipping times may be delayed depending on carrier.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only ship domestically to addresses within the U.S. 

What are shipping costs?

Shipping costs will be calculated upon checkout. Free shipping is offered for orders $25+. 

How can I extend the life of my candle(s)?

For best results, we recommend burning a minimum of 1 hour during each use, or until the “melt pool” reaches all sides of the container. This will prevent “tunneling” in the wax, which may shorten the overall life of the candle. 

How can I ensure the best “hot throw” (or dispersion of fragrance) for my candle(s)?

We recommend placing candles in rooms in consideration of their size. For example, our 6 oz. travel size candles are best suited for smaller areas such as laundry rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and small bedrooms. Placing them in larger rooms will dilute the strength of the fragrance. Our 14 oz. double-wicked candles are better suited for larger spaces such as family rooms, kitchens, dining areas, and larger bedrooms.